Heat pumps and renewable heating systems for homeowners and landlords

We help homeowners and landlords save money, reduce carbon emissions and improve heating comfort with the best heat pump, heat battery storage, radiator and underfloor heating systems. 

Our team have been providing heat pump systems across the South West of England for 15 years.

How we’ll work with you

Step 1: Designing your heat pump system

We will help you understand how much heat and hot water you need by carrying out a detailed survey, analysing the building structure and existing heating system.

Using this information, we will recommend a renewable heating solution that balances future energy savings with project costs and practicality of installation.

Step 2: Supplying your heat pump system

Next, we supply that heating solution. Whether that’s an air source heat pump or a ground source heat pump. It could involve heat battery storage, radiators, underfloor heating, together with solar PV or solar thermal to further reduce your costs.

Step 3: Installing your heat pump system

A typical installation may include decommissioning of existing equipment, upgrade of water supplies, upgrade of existing radiators, mechanical and electrical installation of new equipment and controls. 

We complete a full project planning meeting prior to installation with our local teams across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. This ensures the installation is completed efficiently, with minimal disruption.

If you want to self-install or use your own trusted heating specialists to provide these services, we will scope all of the requirements to ensure you and your team can install with confidence.

Step 4: Commissioning your system

This step is critical to delivering a successful solution. Heat pumps require a much more detailed configuration and testing process than a traditional boiler, to ensure they can operate as designed. 

Heating circuits need to be purged of air, and the water flow be fully balanced to ensure heat can be efficiently delivered around the building. Controls for the both the heat pump and distribution system must be reviewed and tested. 

The heating distribution controls may need to be reconfigured to deliver the desired room temperatures. Configuration with solar PV panels and battery storage add to the complexity.

Only by completing this thorough process, will the system provide your future heating needs at maximum efficiency and lowest heating costs.

Step 5: Apply for the Domestic RHI Tariff

The MCS, Trustmark certification and building control notification is then completed to ensure you can complete a successful application for the Domestic RHI tariff payments. We will help you with your application process.

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Learn about our services

Air source heat pumps

Abode work with a range of air source heat pump providers. 

Learn more about air source heat pumps

We work with the best regarded technology providers in the industry – the Mitusbishi Ecodan (the UK’s best-selling air-source heat pump) as well as the Daikin air-to-air heat pump range.

Our team have been in the Mitsubishi partner program since 2010, providing installation and system design.

Mitsubishi Ecodan - Abode Heat

Ground source heat pumps

We work with the leading manufacturers of ground source heat pumps offering a range of flexible options for customers, including borehole, ground loop design and advanced online controls to make life easy for our customers. Vaillant and Mastertherm are amongst the manufacturers we work with and are proud to have been in their partner programmes since 2010.

Learn more about ground source heat pumps

Vaillant Flexitherm Ground Source Heat Pump - supplied by Abode, the home of renewable heat

Heat loss calculation and design

For a Heat Loss Calculation our consultants will take you through the process of our detailed survey, also providing system design if this would be of interest as a follow up for your project. 

The report you will receive from a consultation enables you to make informed decisions, balancing the right technical solution and energy savings, with site practicalities and the cost of installing a new heating system.

As a part of this we will of course provide you with recommended solutions that we can help design, supply and install as an accredited renewable energy business by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, Microgeneration Certification scheme and the NIC.

Please see an example heat loss calculation below:

Abode Heat - Example Heat Loss Calculation

Heat battery storage

We work with Sunamp Heat Batteries to provide thermal energy storage for our customers. 

Energy storage is the key to unlocking the benefits of renewable energy.

Sunamp have an amazing technology that lets our customers store free energy e.g. from solar PV, or charge at very low cost, compared to traditional heating systems. This is a real game changer.

SunAmp Heat Batteries - Uniq - - Abode Heat

Heating distribution

A well designed, installed and controlled radiator and/or underfloor heating system with simple heating controls is critical to ensure you get the heat to where you want it. 

Traditional heating controls have been designed to operate with intermittent heating from a boiler and smooth out the large changes in room temperature. The automated smart control within the heat pump means that less control is needed around the house.

Heating Distribution - Abode Heat


MVHR extracts heat and moisture from wet rooms/kitchens and supplies fresh, filtered air, to habitable rooms to completely manage the ventilation and air quality within a building. Whilst fresh air can be warmed or cooled, it is not a substitute heating system. 

How Does MVHR Work? Abode Heat

Client testimonials

  • "Thanks for organising everything. Luke was great."

    Mandy Lindsay, Cornwall
  • "I thought you would be interested to know we only turned the boiler on this week for heating. Hot water had been from the Sunamp heat battery since you installed it. Well chuffed with it. Let me know when you know more about the new Valliant air source heat pump."

    Dr Andy Chapman, Homeowner
  • "Thank you again for your kind help and excellent co-ordination of this project."

    Brian L Hunt, Cornwall
  • "You were the most expensive of the quotes we received, but certainly the most comprehensive, and you certainly gave us the most confidence in terms of the required works and some cost certainty. We have been really happy with everything and are loving having decent hot water and heating!"

    Michael and Trish Hawes, Cornwall
  • "I was admiring Luke’s welding on the pipes last night. I’m in love with the massive heavy box (SunAmp Heat Battery Storage) and it doesn’t even do anything yet!"

    Dr Andy Chapman, Cornwall

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