Terraced House - Heat Battery, Solar PV and Gas Combi Boiler

Existing Homeowner's Project

Client: Dr Andy Chapman - Bristol Date: 17th September 2019 Category: ,


Our customer had recently installed a solar PV system and wanted to consume all the generated energy within the home. He was also keen to replace the gas boiler to reduce the carbon emissions of his property. 


We completed a detailed home heating survey to identify how much heat and hot water was needed and the best way to replace the boiler. 

Phase 1 

All excess electricity produced by the solar PV panels is routed via an Eddi smart switch to charge a Sunamp heat battery. The heat battery produces hot water and significantly reduces gas consumption and boiler usage. 

Phase 2 

Next spring the boiler will be replaced with an air source heat pump with some minor upgrades to the radiator system to deliver much greater savings in running cost and carbon emissions. 


  1. A manageable approach to implementing a new heating system 
  2. Maximising the value of the existing solar PV system to reduce home energy costs and carbon emission 


Client Testimonial

“I thought you would be interested to know we only turned the boiler on this week for heating. Hot water had been from the Sunamp heat battery since you installed it. Well chuffed with it. Let me know when you know more about the new Valliant air source heat pump.”

– Dr Andy Chapman

Our customer has had free hot water since Aug to early November and is just starting to need to use the gas boiler to top up the hot water requirement. Based on this, we would expect that they will free hot water from March to November next year.

Installation Photos

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