Are air source heat pumps efficient?

Stiebel Eltron air source heat pump

Whilst it’s true that air source heat pumps aren’t as efficient as ground source heat pumps, that doesn’t make them inefficient 

Ground source heat pumps typically enjoy an efficiency rating of 4:1, trumping the air source rating of 3:1. This is because the energy we collect from the ground in the winter is warmer than the air. 

However, with the milder winter air temperatures here in the South West of England, an air source heat pump will be more efficient and cost less to run, than elsewhere in the UK. 

The 3:1 rating still translates to an impressive conversion in which the air source heat pump produces three times more energy than it takes in; meaning that the system is more than able to provide all the heating and hot water for your property, whilst cutting the cost of your utility bills. 

At Abode we work with the best technical partners to deliver tailored solutions for every customer. We design, supply and install Daikin, Vaillant and Stiebel Eltron air source heat pumps which provide efficiency ratings well in excess of 3:1. 

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