Air source heat pump installed on building exterior
Air source heat pump installation
Air Source Heat Pump on existing property
Air source heat pump on exterior of building

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump 


There are several benefits of heat pumps when compared against traditional heating systems. Here are some of the more important benefits of air source and heat pumps. 


Reduced heating bills 


Air source heat pumps provide over 3kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity they consume. Ground source heat pumps are even more efficient. This means you are likely to see reduced heating bills compared to traditional boiler-based central heating systems or direct electric heaters. 


Your annual running costs would depend on how your heat pump is designed and how it is operated. The lower the flow temperature the system is designed to run at, the more efficient your heat pump will be, and more cost effective to run. Savings on your energy bill will also depend on the system you are replacing. 


Grant funding payments 


The Boiler Upgrade Scheme launched in May 2022, providing upfront grants of £7,500 for air source and ground source heat pumps, when replacing an existing fossil fuel boiler or direct electric heating system by an MCS accredited installer. Boiler Upgrade Scheme T&Cs apply. 

Find more details and scheme updates here> 




In early 2022 the government announced that air source and ground source heat pumps are now zero rated for VAT. This reduced VAT rate will last for 5 years and will further reduce heat pump installation costs. 


Could Improve Your Property’s Value 


According to a recent survey by Knight Frank, the energy efficiency of a property has become more important to 80% of house buyers in the last year. Also, upgrading your boiler can have a significant impact on raising your property’s EPC rating. According to MoneySuperMarket.com, when you look at the average property prices in England, you can see a correlation between a stronger energy efficiency rating and a higher house price, when compared to similar properties with lower EPC Ratings.  


Improved air quality 


Heat pumps improve the air quality inside and outside the home as no fossil fuels are being burnt.  


Reduced carbon emissions 


Reduced carbon emissions when compared to traditional fossil fuel boilers and direct electric heaters. You can further reduce your carbon emissions and go zero–carbon when combined with a 100% renewable electricity tariff.  




Air source and ground source heat pumps automatically adjust themselves to maintain the designed room temperatures, which means that your property will feel a constant comfortable temperature. 


Easy to live with 


A heat pump provides all heating and hot water requirements where required. There are no additional or back-up systems required. Heat pumps are powered by electricity, which means you don’t need to remember to order more additional fuel such as oil, gas bottles, or wood pellets.  




Heat pumps run on electricity, meaning they are safer than fuel burning combustion-based heating systems, as there is no risk of carbon monoxide build up. 


Interested in Heat Pumps? 


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