What is Heat Pump Go?  


Heat Pump Go is an MCS umbrella scheme run by Abode Heat. The scheme helps plumbing and heating engineers who do not hold MCS accreditation, provide their customers with a fully MCS accredited heat pump installation, without the need to go through the time consuming and costly process of gaining MCS accreditation themselves. 


MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is the industry standard for design and installation of heat pumps. It is an independent scheme that certifies heat pump equipment and installers to maintain high standards within the industry. 


MCS umbrella schemes like Heat Pump Go enable homeowners of qualifying installations to access financial incentives like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), as well as the confidence that the heat pump has been sized correctly to meet their heating needs. For homeowners making the switch from a traditional heating system to a heat pump, our MCS umbrella scheme gives them the freedom to use their own trusted local plumbing and heating engineer for the installation. This could be the heating professional who installed the existing heating system, who already knows that property and system far better than anyone else could.  


As a team, Abode Heat have been designing and installing ground and air source heat pump systems since 2006. We have worked with some of the South West’s leading architects to design heat pumps for high end new builds, as well as sizing and installing heat pumps to replace existing heating systems in traditional properties across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.  


Heat Pump Go, we will design and specify the best heat pump for the property, and once the system is installed, we will complete the MCS compliance commission, ensuring the heat pump installation fully meets MCS standards. Abode Heat are committed to MCS compliance and the high standards it sets for our industry, ensuring homeowners the highest quality heat pump installations. 


Here is a link to find out more details about what an MCS umbrella scheme is>  


Here is a link to find out more about the Microgeneration Certification Scheme> 


Abode staff and vans outside residential property
Abode staff and vans outside residential property

Why has Abode Heat launched an MCS Umbrella Scheme? 

Abode Heat’s vision is a sustainable and trusted heating future for all. Being experienced heat pump professionals, Abode Heat want to do our best to help the South-West make the switch to renewable low carbon heating systems, helping work towards our country’s larger decarbonisation targets.  


As a heat pump installation business, our impact is always going to be limited by the amount of heat pump installers we could train and recruit, which is why we decided to launch our MCS umbrella scheme – Heat Pump Go. 


Based in Exeter, Abode Heat knows there are a wealth of great plumbing and heating professionals here in the South-West of England, who do not hold MCS accreditation, wanting to provide their customers with the reassurance of a well-designed, professional heat pump installation and that meets their heating & hot water requirements. Our partners are well trained professionals who want to offer their customers reassurance using an MCS certified partner to design, commission and meet the highest industry standards. 


Abode Heat is committed to supporting these local installers when their existing customers, who they have strong relationships with, enquire about making the switch to a heat pump.  


With our Heat Pump Go umbrella scheme, and over 16 years of installing ground and air source heat pumps, we support and enable non-MCS accredited plumbers and heating professional with their own customers heat pump installations. Our Heat Pump Go umbrella scheme means that we ensure that more homeowners in the South-West have well designed and installed heat pump systems than we ever could by just working on our own.  

Air Source Heat Pump
Vaillant arotherm air source heat pump installation by Abode

Why is having more heat pump installers important? 

To decarbonise the country’s heating systems, the UK government has set a target to install 600,000 heat pumps annually by 2028. This is part of wider goals and targets of achieving net-zero by 2050. 


Although the uptake of heat pumps has been increasing in recent years, the number of heat pump installations are not increasing at the pace to meet the government’s goals. Factors such as consumer awareness, funding, and the availability of trained installers impact the ability to meet the country’s heat pump installations targets.  


Trying to make heat pump installations more financially accessible for homeowners, the government has introduced various incentives, most recently the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). For a heat pump installation to qualify for the BUS, both the heat pump and its installation must be MCS compliant.  


Click here to learn more about the BUS scheme> 

Who Is Using Heat Pump Go? 

With our Heat Pump Go MCS umbrella Scheme, we have helped builders, plumbers, and architects specify and design the right heat pump systems for the property they are working on, as well as ensuring the heat pump is fully installed and commissioned to MCS standards.  

What Do Our Customers Think?

  • "As we were new to Air Source Heat Pump installation, we found the advice given on the design, specification and installation both informative and reassuring that we were going to meet the high standards required" Developer, Cornwall
    Developer, Cornwall
  • "Using the Umbrella has made my life easier, not having to do admin. Helps keeps installs as stress free as possible"   Thomas White - MJ & Son Plumbing & Heating
  • "These guys really know their stuff, any technical questions they had an answer and really gave me reassurance that the system was set up in the best possible way for my customer. This financially benefits my customer in the long term, and they were also able to claim on the boiler upgrade scheme"   James Amos - Amos Plumbing & Heating

How can I start? 

If you have a specific project you want to discuss or want to learn more about our MCS Umbrella Scheme, contact us on 0333 577 9292, or you can use our contact form below and one of our team will call to help.