Thatched Cottage - Air Source Heat Pump and Radiators

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Our customer has a Grade 2 listed thatched farmhouse and adjacent cottageThe farmhouse required extensive refurbishment and a completely new heating and hot water system.  

The cottage was renovated 15 years ago and was heated by an oil fired raeburn and direct electric immersion heater for hot water. 

Our customer planned to install solar PV on the site and was keen to use heat pumps to provide heating and water and use excess free electricity to reduce the running costs of the heat pumps.

Products installed: Vaillant Arotherm air source heat pump and radiators


Due to the poor insulation levels of the farmhouse, it was critical to understand how much heat the property would need. Our customer invested in a detailed home heating survey which identified the heating and hot water requirement, together with the required radiator outputs to meet the desired room temperatures. 

We designed an air-source heat pump system that provides all the heating and hot water for each property. 

The customer required listed building consent for a lot of the proposed works to the farmhouse, including the air source heat pumps. We provided full technical details and scaled drawing of the proposed installation to gain consent. 

We completed the mechanical installation and provided a detailed radiator output schedule for the onsite trades to install a correctly sized new radiator system in the farmhouse and upgraded radiators for the cottage. 

We completed the final system commissioning and handover on this Heat Pump Installation in Devon


  1. Both properties are now warm and have low heating costs. The gentle heat provided by the heat pump will protect the building fabric and minimise risk of damp. 
  2. Reduction in heating costs for both properties of 35-38in the two properties from the previous oil fired boiler and Raeburn. 
  3. Running costs are further reduced by the solar PV system. 
  4. Domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) tariff payment for both properties of £16,865.00 
  5. Carbon savings of over 44-46% in the two properties per year 

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