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Simple heating controls

A well designed, installed and controlled radiator and/or underfloor heating system with simple heating controls is critical to ensure you get the heat to where you want it. 

Traditional heating controls have been designed to operate with intermittent heating from a boiler and smooth out the large changes in room temperature. The automated smart control within the heat pump means that less control is needed around the house.

Benefits of installing underfloor heating with a heat pump

Reduced heating bills

The running cost of the heat pump is reduced because underfloor heating operates at a lower flow temperature that maximises the operating efficiency of the heat pump. The system is more energy efficient as it heats from the floor up not from the ceiling down. 

Luxury feel

Usable room space is increased by not having to position furniture around radiators and the gentle warming of the floor creates a nicer living environment.

Easy to live with

A heat pump dynamically adjusts the temperature of the underfloor heating to maintain a more consistent room temperature with less room thermostats and programmers.

Heat pump and radiators

Radiators need to be correctly sized to ensure they meet the desired room temperatures at the lower temperature but higher operating efficiencies of a heat pump. Radiator design is improving all the time to deliver good heating performance at lower temperatures.

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