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Daikin & EDF passed this enquiry to Abode Heat to investigate the potential of progressing a heat pump solution for our customer. 

Our customer was hoping to remove fossil fuel heating & hot water from mains gas to a heat pump solution. Abode Heat are key partners with Daikin & EDF in the south-west and we were delighted to discuss this with the customer. 



Our customer had prioritised his electric vehicle as his first step to achieve a zero-carbon lifestyle, his next step was to tackle heating & hot water. Abode Heat completed a room-by-room heat loss calculation and working with our local installation partner, SC Ratcliffe planned the technical installation to ensure full MCS compliance including de-commissioning the gas boiler and using thermal imaging technology to assess the suitability of the existing heating distribution system.  

Our site project manager worked with Stuart Ratcliffe and his team in Somerset to ensure the technical mechanical schematic was delivered to manufacturer guidelines and oversaw the new sub main board with the electrical installation team to ensure the existing electrical supply could be utilised.  

Our customer is now fully commissioned and a post installation system check was carried out a week after commissioning to tune the settings to achieve the customer preferences for heating and hot water timings and to maximise the system efficiencies. 

Abode Heat are proud to have delivered this heat pump system with the efforts of the whole team on site and with Daikin & EDF as our strategic partners to help our customer achieve a low carbon lifestyle. 

Somerset Air Source Heat Pump
Air Source Heat Pump Plant Room

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