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Air source heat pump installed on building exterior

Heat Pumps Bristol 


As a team, we have been providing heat pump systems in Bristol and the South West of England for over 15 years, helping homeowners in Bristol save money, reduce carbon emissions, and improve heating comfort with the best heat pump, heat battery storage, radiator, and underfloor heating systems.  


Abode Heat have installed heat pumps in a wide variety of properties in Bristol, ranging from high spec new builds to terraced properties. Both new self-builds and homeowners replacing traditional boilers with heat pumps are eligible for the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme. This Scheme provides one-off grant payments of £5,000 for air source, and £6,000 for ground source heat pumps when replacing an existing fossil fuel boiler or direct electric heating system with an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installer. 


Read more about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme For Heat Pump Installation.  


Abode Heat have used a range of heat pumps manufacturers in our Bristol heat pump installations including Vaillant, Daikin, Stiebel Eltron and Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Grant.  


Read more about the different heat pump manufacturers and technical partners we work with when installing heating systems. 


Terraced House - Heat Battery, Solar PV and Gas Combi Boiler installation by Abode


Here is case study of a property in Bristol. Our customer had recently installed a solar PV system and wanted to consume all the generated energy within the home. He was also keen to replace the gas boiler to reduce the carbon emissions of his property. We have installed a Sunamp Heat Battery to work alongside the solar PV to produce hot water for the property. This customer is already planning to switch from their existing gas boiler to a heat pump to provide their space heating as well.  


Read more about this heat pump installation project in Bristol in our case studies.


Cottage Renovation - Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating by Abode


Here is another case study on a property on an old farm estate just outside of Bristol. The cottage was occupied but in need of significant renovation, which included the replacement of its old direct electric heating system which was expensive to run. We installed a Mitsubishi air source heat pump into this cottage, which resulted in an estimated 72% reduction in heating costs when compared to the original direct electric system.  


Read more about this Bristol Heat Pumps project in our case studies.


Whilst older properties like this cottage might seem the unlikely candidate for a modern heat pump system, it is possible. We always recommend starting with a detailed heat loss calculation, which will confirm the heating requirement of the property as well as well as any upgrades to the property’s radiators. The design will also provide estimated running costs of a heat pump compared to the property’s current system. Our design led approach helps customers understand their real heating and hot water requirement, putting them in the best position to invest in the right technical solution which will meet current and future heating needs. 


Read more about our design led approach to Heat Pump Design here.


If you are building a new house, renovating a property in Bristol, or thinking about replacing your traditional boiler with a heat pump, get in touch and our team will be able to recommend the right system for you and your property.  

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