Cottage Renovation - Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating

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Client: Charles Gregory Design - Bristol Date: 15th September 2019 Category: , , ,


The architect is managing a major refurbishment of an old farm estate near Bristol. The current phase was the renovation of two old buildings. 

The Cottage was occupied but in need of significant renovation. The building was poorly insulated and had direct electric heating that was very expensive to run. The Barn was derelict. 

The property owners wanted to provide a good quality living space in both buildings for long term let and holiday accommodation.  They were keen to invest in the right renewable heating solution to keep the house warm and provide good long term energy and carbon savings. 

The extensive renovation works included significant improvement of insulation levels in the floors, wall and roof.  


Working with the architect at the design stage was critical, as both dwellings were limited for internal space. 

We designed an air-source heat pump system that provides all the heating and hot water for each property. The cottage has a horizontal hot water cylinder in the roof space to maximise usable living space. Heat is distributed via a mix of underfloor heating and radiators. 

The Barn has a small external cupboard that houses the HW cylinder. 

Both systems have a remote access function to enable the property owners to switch the heating on in advance of guest arrival. 

Both systems have a heat and electricity metering that enables to owners to benefit from the domestic renewable heat incentive tariff payments. 

The mechanical and electrical installation was completed by the builder and his site trades. 

We completed the final heat pump system commissioning and handover.


  1. Warm and welcoming properties for both long term tenants and holiday guests 
  2. Reduction in heating costs in the cottage of 72% from the previous direct electric heating system 
  3. Domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) tariff payment of £8750.00  
  4. Carbon savings of over 70% per year 

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