Didn't you just want to be an architect?

Written by Ben Hodges

This year, I have the pleasure of sharing office space with an award-winning practice based here in the South West.

Despite 13 years, working with architects and their clients to provide heat pump solutions for their heating and hot water needs, it has been a revelation to me, to see what is really means to be an architect; 

  1. Architect 
  2. Principle Designer 
  3. Project Manager 
  4. Procurement Manager 
  5. Trusted/Expert advisor by all people in all areas of the project 
  6. Politician to the planning department 
  7. Confidant to your client 

And you probably only get paid to be the first four 

Energy Efficiency is a critical consideration, and has wide reaching impact on the design, construction, procurement, delivery and long term use of the building.  

The “best” long term energy strategy and renewable heating solution needs to be identified and agreed at the design stage, not just fitted to the building at 1st fix stage. 

Engaging us at the design stage means you can remove “heating designer” from the list of unpaid job roles. This will save your time and enable you to provide a better service to your clients. 

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