Renewable Heat - Technical choice and the 7 P's

Written by Ben Hodges, Renewable Heating Consultant

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There has been lots of debate over recent years on what is renewable heat. This can be simply defined as heat generated without burning fossil fuel. With lots of technical options available, which one might be best for you and your project?

Too often people focus on product and not on outcome. Without understanding what you are trying to achieve, you are likely to invest in the wrong solution.

I am sure many of you are familiar with my personal favourite 7P acronym that was shared to me by ex-service personnel, and who am I to argue? Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance. Planning for renewable heat should look something like this;



Deliver the right amount heat at the right price


How much heat do we need? Until you know this, everything else is guesswork.


Energy Requirement Chart - Abode Heat


Project cost vs long term energy savings?

Finance/Cost or Emotion/Carbon? Where are you on the spectrum?



Project practicalities? Replacing a direct electric heating system and an existing property requires a different approach to a low energy new build project.

Defined technical solution



Here is my list of domestic renewable heating technical solutions;

Ground source heat pump

Air source heat pump

Solar thermal

Heat battery charged by any of the above or solar PV/wind turbine

Hot water cylinder charged by any of the above or solar PV/wind turbine

Direct electric heaters charged by solar PV/wind turbine

Biomass boiler (I am still not convinced by this one)

Any heat pump/heat battery/direct electric heating can be zero carbon if fed by 100% renewable grid electricity and/or on-site solar PV/wind


Contact us now and let Abode Heat help build your plan for a low cost energy future.


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