With new builds and renovations, space heating demand is reducing, and hot water consumption is increasing. The heating system is a key part of the design process. The right renewable heating solution will help deliver the desired design for your client, whilst meeting building regulations and planning requirements. 

We produce a clear specification of how much heat and hot water the building needs, by completing a CIBSE room by room heat loss analysis from the plans and recommend a renewable heating solution that balances future energy savings with project costs and practicality of installation.  

This design and specification is then used as part of any future tendering for the project by yourself or the end client.


We provide air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and heat battery storage, together with radiators, underfloor heating or direct electric heating and reduce your heating costs. We can also integrate solar PV or solar thermal to the system if required. 


We have a flexible approach to match the scope of the service to your client and project requirements. 

We may simply be a recommended option for the end client to consider. Many self-builders control costs and save money by doing some of the work themselves. We will work with them to identify where project costs can be minimised whilst installation standards are maintained. They will benefit from our extensive technical experience in renewable heating solutions with our package of detailed mechanical and electrical schematics and site specific method statements to ensure they are fully equipped to deliver your installation. 


We operate as a specialist contractor direct to yourselves, the end client or main contractor 

  • We will support the contracted trades teams with a full package of schematics and method statements to complete the installation. They will benefit from our extensive technical experience in renewable heating solutions with our package of detailed mechanical and electrical schematics and site specific method statements to ensure your trades are fully equipped to deliver your installation. 


  • We can provide a complete installation service with our local qualified teams across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset if you need this support too – all our teams are fully vetted for competency, technical accreditations and relevant insurances to work on your site to deliver your installation. 


This is critical to deliver a successful solution. Heat pumps require a much more detailed configuration and testing process than a traditional boiler, to ensure they are able to operate as designed.

Heating circuits need to be purged of air, and the water flow be fully balanced to ensure heat can be efficiently delivered around the building. Controls for both the heat pump and distribution system must be reviewed and tested. The heating distribution controls may need to be reconfigured to deliver the desired room temperatures. Configuration with solar PV panels and battery storage add to the complexity.

Only by completing this thorough process, will the system meet the heating needs at maximum efficiency and lowest heating costs.

Client testimonials

  • "As we were new to Air Source Heat Pump installation, we found the advice given on the design, specification and installation both informative and reassuring that we were going to meet the high standards required" Developer, Cornwall
    Developer, Cornwall
  • "Thanks for all your help so far at Westholme on our latest project, Ali & Luke are a great gang to work with."

    Sprout Developments Ltd
  • "These guys really know their stuff, any technical questions they had an answer and really gave me reassurance that the system was set up in the best possible way for my customer. This financially benefits my customer in the long term, and they were also able to claim on the boiler upgrade scheme"   James Amos - Amos Plumbing & Heating
  • "Thanks for organising everything. Luke was great."

    Mandy Lindsay, Cornwall
  • “Thank you very much for your services, true professionals. Look forward to working with you on the next project.”

    Tim Manning, Somerset
  • “We've had an air-source heat pump designed and installed by Abode Heat for our office providing very low cost heating. The heat pump costs are further reduced when using free electricity from our solar panels so a great pairing! Its great to be able to show our clients the benefits of implementing renewable heat as part of their build on-site”

    Nathan Davis, Arco2

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