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  • How landlords can exceed the ‘E’ EPC rating

    By Abode on 17th March 2019

    From April 1st 2019, landlords of properties with a rating of F and G will have to pay up to £3,500 (inc. VAT) to improve the insulation and/ or heating of property before they can rent it out to new tenants or issue a renewal of an existing tenancy agreement. The regulations will be tightened even further next year.

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  • Renewable Heat – Technical choice and the 7 P’s

    By Abode on 9th March 2019

    There has been lots of debate over recent years on what is renewable heat. This can be simply defined as heat generated without burning fossil fuel. With lots of technical options available, which one might be best for you and your project? Too often people focus on product and not on outcome. Without understanding what you are trying to achieve,

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  • 7 reasons why renewable heat should be part of your project

    By Abode on 5th March 2019

    80% of domestic energy requirements are for heat and hot water. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains why we invest so much money and emotion into our homes. Our desire to be warm and clean uses most of the energy we consume. This means that investing in the right ground or air source heat pump solution to reduce this energy demand is a great investment.

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  • How noisy are air source heat pumps?

    By Abode on 26th February 2019

    They do look noisy don’t they; is how I normally respond when a customer asks me that question – and they always do! There is a wide range in sound performance of heat pumps on the market today. You definitely get what you pay for in sound quality.

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