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Design and Deliver

Working with you, your architect and your builder builder,  we design from the plans  and early stage construction. This  enables customers to make informed decisions and best balance of technical solution and long term energy savings, with site practicalities and project budget.

Technical Solutions

We provide a range of air and ground source heat pump systems, heat battery storage, underfloor heating and radiator systems.

Strong partnerships with regional specialists, provides integration with solar, battery storage and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR).

Where we work

The largest energy savings are made by customers who do not have access to mains gas.

Our focus is therefore on projects in rural areas of the South and SW of England.


We have delivered hundreds of self-build and renovation projects over the years.

These range from low cost 50m2 dwellings to 1200m2 “grand design” holiday homes.

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