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Design and Deliver

Air and ground source heat pumps are increasingly being considered by customers or specified on projects at the design stage.

We provide a range of design, supply, installation and commissioning services best suited to how you deliver your projects.

Technical Solutions

We provide a range of air and ground source heat pump systems, heat battery storage, underfloor heating and radiator systems.

Strong partnerships with regional specialists, provides integration with solar, battery storage and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR).

Where We Work

The largest energy savings are made by customers who do not have access to mains gas.

Our focus is therefore on projects in rural areas of the South and SW of England.


We have designed and delivered hundreds of projects over the years.

These range from 50m2 – 1200m2 floor area new build and renovations, listed and “hard to heat” buildings, community centres, offices, schools and apartment blocks.

Client testimonials

  • I was admiring Luke’s welding on the pipes last night. I’m in love with the massive heavy box (SunAmp Heat Battery Storage) and it doesn’t even do anything yet!
    Dr Andy Chapman, Homeowner
  • “We've had an air-source heat pump designed and installed by Abode Heat for our office providing very low cost heating. The heat pump costs are further reduced when using free electricity from our solar panels so a great pairing! Its great to be able to show our clients the benefits of implementing renewable heat as part of their build on-site”
    Nathan Davis, Arco2
  • "Thanks for all your help so far at Westholme on our latest project, Ali & Luke are a great gang to work with."
    Sprout Developments Ltd

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