What is mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR)? 

MVHR extracts heat and moisture from wet rooms/kitchens and supplies fresh, filtered air, to habitable rooms to completely manage the ventilation and air quality within a building. Whilst fresh air can be warmed or cooled, it is not a substitute heating system. 

How Does MVHR Work tutorial by Envirovent

Benefits of installing MVHR

Reduced heating bills

well designed and installed MVHR system recovers 60-90% of the heat in the exhaust air so reducing the amount of heat needed to maintain desired room temperatures. 

Healthy living

Increasing the quality of the air we breathe has significant health and wellbeing benefits. 

Prevent condensation

Condensation is minimised as damp and humid air is efficiently removed from the building. 

Reduces summertime room temperature

Cooler outdoor air replaces the indoor air that has been heated during the day. 

Easy to live with

The MVHR system dynamically adjusts ventilation performance to maintain a consistent air quality throughout the building. 

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